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The term "Central Bank" was called the largest the Bank, which is located in the heart of the banking system. 1. 6. Therefore, the effective functioning the activities of the Central Bank is one of the conditions for effective functioning of the market economy. • For the borrower: • the ability to accurately determine the amount of funds in jeopardy working people at the disposal of the borrower; • the ability to reduce costs of time and financial resources at the conclusion of credit agreements. Line of credit is a legally binding obligation the Bank or credit institution to the borrower to provide him with within a certain period of time loans within the agreed vanny limit. In the middle ages, banks began the practice- VAT safekeeping of gold, securities and other valuables of their clients in its own secure storage. In temporary banking these operations are of great importance chenie, since the economic context of business entities in constantly expanding and globalized. The narrowness of national markets capital the thals, or tactical purposes borrowing may be done for border. 2. 3. The principle of repayment of the loan is that by the end of the term loan agreement borrowed money must be return- NY the lender in the full amount (principal debt) and interest. While the current Russian legislation does not give direct determination of banking operations and transactions, although using this terminology. conto correcte — current account) — EDI- tion account where are recorded all transactions of the Bank with the client. The most independent the Central banks of Germany and Sweden.

The narrowness of national markets capital the thals, or tactical purposes borrowing may be done for border. The first issuing Bank is established in 1694 The Bank of England, since he first began to issue banknotes and to consider the commercial Chia bills. In the laws of the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands clearly established the right of state authorities to cancel the decision the Central Bank, and also to instruct him. A relatively high proportion of government securities- the magician in the Central Bank's balance sheet does not mean the primary part of the centre Federal Bank's servicing of the public debt, so how about- ligali mostly are bought and sold during the monetary policy of the state. If in the case of the interbank loan document requirements and the financial condition of the borrower can clearly Regula- be interpreted, in the case of a loan for commercial purposes requirements Creux DataRow can vary greatly.

In connection with the formation of market prices- securities will develop a capability of the banks activities- STV in securities transactions. Financial and commercial loans are available in the main Mr banks. Loans were so- to favorable the fact that banks began to seek ways mobiles- the organization (attraction) additional funds. Financial advising. Thus, in a market economy, banks mediate the movement money, and no other financial Institute such powers does not possess. Describe the procedure for the establishment of a commercial Bank, it reorganization and liquidation. This question is examined by analyzing the returned- ness of the loan through sale of material assets, pre- delivered warranty, and use lien; • "provision" of the loan, i.e. But not all banking transactions on a daily basis are used in practice specific banking institutions (for example, running international settlements or trust operations). The function of property management is known under the name operations of trust management or trust services.


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Commercial credit is the provision of a supplier (selling- CMA) products to the buyer, in the form of deferred or installment payment for the shipped goods.

A loan secured by real estate is called a mortgage loan.

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